Eventis Mobile

Eventis MobileA Joint Moldo-Russian company Eventis Mobile, after aquisition of the GSM900/1800 license in 2006, became the 3rd GSM operator in Moldova. Controlling shareholder of the company is EVENTIS TELECOM HOLDING LTD.

Main activities of the EVENTIS TELECOM HOLDING LTD include services of mobile and fixed-line telephony, data transfer and Internet access. Moldova, after Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan and Uzbekistan, became 4th country in CIS, where EVENTIS TELECOM HOLDING LTD has its telecommunications assets.

For almost 6 months of construction, EVENTIS created modern GSM network based on equipment of the leading telecommunication producers, such as Nokia, Nortel. World's leading IT companies such as HP, Oracle, Microsoft via their partners supplied EVENTIS with latest hardware and software. It is planned that already in the current year Eventis will have coverage in Chisinau, in Balti and on the road between the cities.

By the 2009, Eventis is planning to cover all Moldova by the means of EDGE technology and will provide its service to 90% of population of the Republic of Moldova.